4 Tips to Keep a Routine Yoga Practice

Do you ever find yourself struggling to unroll your yoga mat on a daily basis? Perhaps you started off the new year with the best intentions to make a renewed commitment to your yoga practice. You purchased brand new yoga pants or leggings that were meant to inspire you. Your mat was freshly cleaned, and you stocked up on all of your yoga essentials. Unfortunately, your good intentions and well-meaning gestures haven’t been enough to keep your practice regular.

If you’re struggling to make your yoga practice into a routine, we thought we might offer you a few suggestions. These tips will keep you focused on your goals for the year and bring you to your yoga mat far more frequently.


Schedule a Specific Time in Your Day for Yoga

A routine yoga practice doesn’t simply happen without a commitment from you. You will need to schedule or arrange a specific part of your day to dedicate to the practice. Whether this means setting aside an hour each day after work or waking up 30 minutes earlier, planning to practice gives you a greater chance of overall success.


Create a Yoga Space in Your Home

Attempting to keep a regular home practice is a noble pursuit. After all, yoga should be accessible anywhere instead of just in the yoga studio. Rearrange your home to create a haven for yourself that is always ready for you to unroll your yoga mat. Better yet, you could leave your yoga mat unrolled all the time. If you don’t have to rearrange your furniture and spend precious minutes preparing the space, you are more likely to actually get into your yoga routine.


Keep Lots of Practice Options Handy

Sometimes, your mind simply can’t come up with a unique yoga sequence for what your body needs that day. Be certain to compile a list of resources that could come in handy during your practice time when you draw a blank. These could be printouts of different sequences, a YouTube playlist, or a collection of DVDs. The more resources you have available to you, the more likely you are to commit to one of them each day.


Make Your Yoga Practice a Special Time

Don’t look at a routine yoga practice as a chore each day. Instead, you can add a few items that inspire you and spark joy within your spirit. Light a candle, burn some incense or pause for a few minutes of meditation. Your yoga practice doesn’t have to be a heart-pumping, hour-long marathon session. It can be gentle and quiet if that’s what your body needs.

Making space for yourself to have a routine yoga practice can help you to move deeper into your practice. Prioritize this extremely important form of self-care so you can be better prepared to embrace your yoga practice on a daily basis. While you may not always feel like stepping onto the yoga mat, most yogis don’t regret a single moment spent there.

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