Devon Second Day : Hartland Peninsula (part 2)

I left you the other day on a cliffhanger (literally) : what will happen to the dog and the sheep ?? Be reassured, they were rescued. In fact, only the dog was rescued (sorry I didn’t have my camera with me at that moment), and they left the sheep on the cliff. I find it absolutely terrible, especially since the sheep was agitated. I couldn’t watch anymore. Finally Mathieu told me that the sheep had climbed a few meters. And he was right, the sheep was already half way from the top. But by looking at the top of the cliff you could tell that he had no chance… But in fact he saved his life, I have no idea how he managed it. It was the life lesson of the day.
About our day, after spending the morning at the beach, we walked to a waterfall which falls almost directly into the sea. The landscapes were amazing and it was so relaxing to walk in the countryside. Then we came back to the beach and made a barbecue. It was awesome !!
And later in the afternoon we went to a lighthouse, and as you can see, it wasn’t always enough to prevent the ships from sinking.
I hope that you liked this breath of fresh air.
PS : We are working on a redesign of the blog. Our aim is to have bigger pictures and less mess in the right column. Would you be pleased with bigger pictures and probably no right column ?

4 thoughts on “Devon Second Day : Hartland Peninsula (part 2)

  1. @ Haneve : ^^ Merci c’est trop dommage qu’elles soient en petit sur le blog, mais d’ici peu, on pourra les observer beaucoup mieux ;)

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