Devon Day 3 : Watersmeet and Tarr Steps

This is my last post about our vacation.
First of all, the Watersmeet fall. Perfect to enjoy a walk and then head back to the cottage to rest and have some tea. Even totally isolated the English never forget civilization, you can easily enjoy scones and jam here after your walk. I really like the english lifestyle, and their love for nature.
Then a photo of the Exmoor national park, with its typical landscapes and many many pheasants . You really have to drive carefully not to kill one, especially when a group of ten pheasants decides to cross the way just before you.
And finally the Tarr Steps bridge, which was built either about 1400 years AD or during the Bronze Age. And here again, there is a cottage totally isolated. So you can enjoy a fresh drink after a peaceful time in the nature.
Well it was a really nice end of the day, and vacation (although we still had to face the traffic jam on the motorway…).
I hope you liked this series of posts about the English countryside, and maybe some of you were able to view a part of England they didn’t know.

2 thoughts on “Devon Day 3 : Watersmeet and Tarr Steps

  1. @ Dreyliciouss : Merci :) il faut avouer que c’était de très beaux paysages ;) En tout cas bienvenue sur le blog :)

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