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I promised to make a longer article about the British Museum, there is so much to see, it is totally justified.
The museum is huge, divided in one section for each continent. My favourite was the one about Asia, especially because I didn’t know the Indian and Tibetan art well before that (except for the Buddhas), and I really enjoyed it.
There are more “classical” sections, such as the one about Egypt and pharaohs, but it is always fascinating, and you can see for real the cuneiform writing, and the famous Rosetta stone.
Europe isn’t bad either, you can see some statues from the Parthenon, and a big portion of the frieze which was inside it, it is quite impressive (you really want to visit Greece after that). There are also some parts of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus (one of the Seven Wonders of the World), which are magnificent (ie. the horse).
About Africa, there are especially the incredible Tree of Life, a sculpture made from recycled guns, and the incredible coffins (ie. the eagle, yes it is a coffin, trust me, and there are others as crazy as this one).
And for America, the part about Aztecs and Mayas is very interesting.
In a nutshell, what I love about this museum is the lightings, the pieces of art they chose and how they assembled them. The British Museum is a must see if you are visiting London, a fascinating place, accessible to everyone as it is free.
And don’t worry, I have other musea to showcase here : Victoria and Albert, Natural History Museum, and the Tate Modern (when I will be able to decide Mathieu to visit it), and they are all free of course.
PS : everything that I am talking about is not necessarily photographed, but there is a bonus with the gold medals for the London Olympic and Paralympic games.

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  1. @ Emmanuelle : Oui c’est vraiment un musée génial, et très accessible en plus, contente que tu aies aimé ma sélection :)

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