Warm And Cozy

I told you that you would see this coat again soon. And tadaam…
What better way to wear it than with a warm and cozy outfit ? It is a bit boyish and at the same time with my heels and my faux fur scarf quite feminine too.
I also have to tell you how much I love this jumper. It has nothing really special when you look at it but I have so many memories of the good old times at the scouts, when I was wearing it and having great moments with my fellow friends. I really love it and I still wear it from time to time, especially when it is really cold outside and I want to feel cozy and warm.
Only 13 days to go until Christmas, I am SO excited. Can you feel this strange atmosphere in the air ? And the Christmas music in Sainsbury’s, it makes me so happy, I could dance in the supermarket (well I did it a little ahah), and buy everything christmas related. But I was able to stay cool…
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10 thoughts on “Warm And Cozy

  1. @ Laura : Merci, tu as 100% raison, c’est absolument parfait pour l’hiver, c’est doudou et ça tient quand même chaud. Bisous et bonne soirée à toi aussi.
    @ Eugeenie : Merci beaucoup c’est super gentil. Effectivement un vrai manteau doudou, j’adore l’emprunter à Mathieu quand j’ai envie de sortir mais que je veux être certaine d’être bien au chaud ;)

  2. @ Justine : Merci :) Tu as raison, c’est génial ce col, tu l’ajoutes et ça finit parfaitement la tenue. Bon des fois il fait aussi too much, mais il faut savoir prendre des risques ahah.

    @ une fille : Merci beaucoup, et aussi pour l’ajout sur hellocoton. Sois la bienvenue sur mon blog :)

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