Super Meat Boy Geekette

I love this tee-shirt, and even if it is not mine (and if it is ten times too big for me) I have to borrow it from time to time from Mathieu (you already know I like to borrow his tee-shirts !), especially too use them as pyjamas !! And look at Super Meat Boy, isn’t he gorgeous ? I simply love his character design ! And I must say that the game his awesome, even though incredibly difficult !
And as you see me I was about to start reading before going to bed, Kindle in my hand. I love the Kindle, its practical, lightweight, you can use it anywhere. The only downside is that you don’t find all the books in kindle version, but at least you can read tons of books for free as they are in the public domain. Almost dream like !!
So, here is a small glimpse at my geek side, fashion isn’t everything in life ! (thankfully!!)

4 thoughts on “Super Meat Boy Geekette

  1. @ Tamoo : Merci !! franchement je suis ravie que les photos te plaisent :)
    Merci d’avoir liké la page facebook et surtout bienvenue sur le blog :)

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