White Jeans

If you have been reading me for some time you are not surprised to see me in white jeans. I bought them at H&M for 9£99, they are very comfortable, and the fabric is beautiful. Their only flaw ? The front pockets are in fact fake (and I can’t help myself trying regularly to put my hands in my pockets huh).
Well most importantly I want to thank you for your warm welcome to my bags collection, I am really pleased ! I will try to answer the comments today and also to put my Charlotte and Cécilia bags on sale on my Etsy shop.
For those of you who don’t know Etsy, it is a selling platform where independant creators and buyers can meet. It is easy to use, just put your selected item in your shopping bag, then check out. The creator will send your purchase and all you have to do is once you receive your item, to leave a comment on how everything went. It is a pretty easy system and a great way to support independent creators with great values and original designs.
I hope you will all have a great day !!

H&M Jeans, Topshop Slippers, Topshop Sweater, Zara Leather Jacket, Primark Skull Scarf

GIVEAWAY : Don’t forget to participate in my giveaway to win one of my creations, an oversized leather clutch. To participate just like Claire and the Frog and Claire Beneteau facebook fanpages.

8 thoughts on “White Jeans

  1. @ audrey : merci beaucoup :) n’hésite pas toi aussi à participer au concours pour gagner ma pochette Clarisse :)

  2. Rebonjour,
    je participe avec plaisir, cette pochette est superbe!
    Je suis fan des deux pages facebook (pseudo Claire Cdn).
    Merci pour ce concours. Bon 1er mai!

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