Sharing my wardrobe

I have an exciting new functionality to introduce.
You are probably wondering “what is this new little logo ” (near the clothes at the end of all posts). This new logo which represents a top and a skirt (you may already have noticed that), allows you to visit my virtual wardrobe. Let me explain how it works : just click on the logo near a cloth, and then you can access all posts where this garment has been worn. Pretty powerful, isn’t it ?
In fact you have an inventory of all my clothes and every outfit I created for each cloth. I think that it could become a good inspiration source (at least for me). So have fun clicking on my Zara leather jacket or the shoes I am wearing today. Of course, I have worn some clothes only once on the blog, but others have been worn quite a lot.
So have fun exploring my wardrobe.

5 thoughts on “Sharing my wardrobe

  1. Merci pour vos commentaires :) C’est vrai qu’elle est hyper chouette cette robe. Donc vu le prix que je l’avais payé et le fait que c’est du coton biologique, ça valait vraiment le coup.
    A bientôt à toutes les deux.

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